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My retirement from my position as Postmaster for the United States Postal Service in Pine, CO, has allowed me to return to the Denver area. The U.S.P.S. was a wonderful career and that time spent serving all of my wonderful customers now allows me to dedicate time to my first love and encore: Music.

I've been performing professionally since the age of 2 when I would get a nickel from my neighbor for singing "Chatanooga Shoe Shine Boy." I continued my music career by playing in military clubs in France. My father was a career soldier stationed in Europe and I grew up an "Army Brat".  Returning to the United States, I graduated from W.C. Hinkley High School in Aurora in 1964.  Upon graduating, I returned to France, briefly, for a stint in the band "The Earth Shakers" and an audition for a recording contract with Barclay Records. The record contract did not materialize but our group had a great time tanning on the beach at the resort town of La Baule.

Returning to the U.S., I joined DENVER'S OWN WILD ONES as bassist. This was in September of 1964 and the band was playing at a local 3.2 club on Lookout Mountain called "Sam's Lookout".  We spent the winter at this location and then moved to Ft. Collins and became the house band at a local college hang-out called "Clancy's". The Wild One's moved on and performed at a Lakewood teen-age club called "The Rug-ged Room" and also did some road time between Denver and Los Angeles attempting to secure a recording contract. We did manage to touch on the surfin' music scene and produced a 45 rpm entitled "Girl on a candy strip Honda bike" which was an exact clone of the Beach Boy's sound.  It was also during this time period that our band had the opportunity to be on the same billing with upstart Waylon Jennings.

While working the LA scene, the opportunity arose to do some studio time which led to my association with a band called "Group Therapy".  The band changed it's name to "December's Children" and had one record on the Columbia label entitled "Somethin' Fresh"  that made #99 on Billboard Magazine for one whole week. In conjunction with the record, we appeared on the popular "Where the Action is" on show #371 on December 2, 1966.  Additionally, I had the opportunity to perform with another local Denver group at the time named "The New Moonrakers".  As an opening and/or back-up musician, I've performed with Herman's Hermits, The Righteous Brothers, Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders, The Green Men, Freddie Cannon, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Charlie Rich, The Association, Jim Stafford and Johnny Rivers.

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OH, NO, VIETNAM!    I spent four years in the Army (RA 16914947) and my guitar went along as well!  After training for about a year (playing guitar the whole time), I served a tour of duty in the Republic of Vietnam from December 1967 through November of 1968.  As a paratrooper of the 101st Airborne Division's Screamin' Eagles, I was involved in the Tet offensive of 1968 at Bien Hoa airbase.  I later served in I Corps area at Camp Eagle which was located in the Phu Bai/Hue area.  During my leisure time, I entertained my fellow soldiers of the 265th Army Security Agency Co.(265th Radio Research Co. while in RVN) and even got in a few gigs as well.  Returning to the "World" (United States), my duty station was at Ft. Riley, Kansas with the 1st Infantry Division (the Big Red One) where I performed two seasons in the Special Services show band for the productions of Action 69 & Action 70 that toured the 5th Army area hospitals and bases. Local clubs both on and off the military base also offered a good musical pursuit.


FREE, AT LAST!  Starting in September of 1970, upon my completion of my military service, Metropolitan State College was in charge of a lot of my time.  I majored in Music Education with classical guitar as my primary instrument and minored in French.  The classical training has served as a great foundation and has allowed me to appreciate other music styles as well.  While attending College, I played six nights a week in local country, rock and blues night clubs to earn my living.  Along with performances, there were studio sessions for May D&F radio commercials and I also began putting my teaching skills to work.  After graduating from MSC in 1975, I taught vocal and instrumental music at Aurora Central High School and did a semester of classical guitar teaching at Regis College.


My occupational highway took me through a variety of jobs that included Metropolitan Life Insurance, Classic Chemical and a stint as a Radio Shack manager.  I joined the United States Postal Service where I had the opportunity to develop my career and live in some interesting places to include Gunnison ("Brrrrr") and Bailey. While working for the postal service and raising a family, my music continued to be an avocation and I performed with a variety of groups.

FREE, AT LAST, AGAIN!  My retirement date from the USPS was April Fool's Day of 2005.  Since my leaving the postal service, I've been building my music business, Danyo Music, which is private music instruction and performance based. Go to my calendar page for my performance schedule. Denver, you're a great place to live!.  Life is good!!! Only The Shadow knows what great opportunities may lurk in the future.

Oh, yes. I do find time to play as wel-The only good life is a balanced onel. My hobbies include my Corvette restoration project, military history, woodworking, motorcycling, bicycling, hunting,and famlly time.




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